Discover Archery: A Gold Balloon Student Group

16 Aug

Bristol SU has a number of societies which have been accredited with gold status on the Balloon Accreditation Scheme. We caught up with Archery to find out more about their student group.

What do Archery do?

Here at UoB Archery we aim for club members to have fun whilst integrating sport and fitness at the same time. Everyone is welcome, whether you are experienced or a beginner who has never picked up a bow; don’t worry! We teach a comprehensive beginner’s course with club kit provided so you’ll learn the basics in no time. In addition, we host many socials per month, ranging from crazy golf and laser tag to pub nights and evening meals. These are a great way to meet the rest of the club and get to know Bristol too.  There are also always opportunities to attend various competitions around the country, and we also organise internal fun shoots if competitions aren’t for you!

Where do we do it?

We shoot at the Coombe Dingle Sports Complex all year round. This is a short 10-minute walk away from Stoke Bishop halls, or a 20-minute bus journey from the city centre. This makes the club easy to access for anyone living in Bristol. As for competitions, they are located all over the UK with our regional league mainly based in South Wales and West England. We also host at Bristol itself in the case of the BUCS Archery Indoor National Finals for two years in a row!

What have we achieved and how did we meet the standards of the Gold Award?

Founded in 2012/13, the archery club has since claimed first and second place victories in the local regional league, besting universities such as Bath, Exeter and Cardiff. Archery within the University of Bristol has risen over the years by claiming multiple top 3 wins at BUCS events, having one of the cheapest archery beginner’s courses within the country along with an excellent student atmosphere with its unique socials!
The archery club has hosted two taster sessions in the past academic year with one right after fresher’s week and one after the January exam period. In addition, archery has had joint socials with fencing as well as other groups.

What are we planning to do differently next year?

For aspiring archers, more of our efforts are going into the performance development squad, which allows those who want to achieve the best they can possibly achieve to go many steps further. This includes more intense coaching, access to special equipment and increased priority for competitions.

The club will also push for entry into more competitions outside the regular inter-university bubble, which includes the National Indoor Championships and various other shoots.



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