Wristbands and Tickets: Your How-To-Buy Guide

15 Aug

Our massive Welcome Week line-up go live on the 15th of August, but you can already start buying wristbands! Here’s a handy break-down of how to get yourself sorted for wristbands and tickets, in Welcome Week and throughout your time in Bristol! 


Let’s start with the basics – before you know it, this’ll be second nature!


1.    Go to bristolsu.org.uk 

2.    Select the option to log in along the top of the home page 

3. The first time you log in, you’ll have to register! Click the top link (“New student? Click here“) to sign up, so pop in any email address and select “No, I’m new here!” 

4.     Select the option for “I am a student but do not have access to my university email account” 

5.    Go to your email and activate your account by clicking on the link and then completing the questionnaire 

6.    You should be all logged in now! Next time, select the same log in tab along the top of the page and log in with the same details  

7.     Once you get your bristol.ac.uk account you’ll be able to log in as a Bristol SU Student!  


1.    Go to bristolsu.org.uk 

2.    Select the massive “BRISTOL SU STUDENTS CLICK HERE TO LOG IN” button and enter your details e.g. ab12345@bristol.ac.uk and the accompanying password 

3.    Fill in the questionnaire to complete the account  

4.     You’re now totally set up to get tickets and join societies for however long you’re at Bristol! 


Know you’re living in halls? Wristbands are available now! Get your hands on them to save money and guarantee entry to the biggest events of Welcome Week! 


1.    Wristbands are already available! Head to https://bristolsuwelcome.org.uk/wristbands and choose whether you want the standard wristband or the TOTUM Bundle  

2.    This should take you to your basket – if you leave and come back, select the basket icon from along the top of the site to see your reserved tickets 

3.    Add in your payment details and get excited for Welcome Week!  

4.    Once you get your accommodation offers on the 21st of August, we’ll send you a reminder to join your halls group on our website.  

5.    Go to https://bristolsuwelcome.org.uk/halls/ and select ‘Join your hall’ next to your halls of residence. Make sure you join the right one so you get the right wristband! 


** If accomodation offers have gone out, you won’t be able to see wristbands are on sale until you join your hall! **  

 1.    Once you know what halls you’ll be in, join your group by going to https://bristolsuwelcome.org.uk/halls/  and selecting ‘Join your hall’ next to your halls of residence.  

2.      This will send you to our website – select ‘join your group’, and then choose the option to get the 2019/20 membership that will enable you to buy the correct wristband  

3.      After that, head over to https://bristolsuwelcome.org.uk/wristbands, choose your wristband bundle, and add in your payment details and check out! 

4.      Get excited for all the amazing club nights you’ll be going on once you get to Bristol! 


Tickets will be available from Thursday 15th August.  

1.   We recommend buying a wristband for those living in halls to save money and guarantee entry, but if you fancy individual tickets, you can get these by going to https://bristolsuwelcome.org.uk/events/ .  

2.    Find any and all events you want to go to click ‘more info’ to get details about the event 

3.    If the event is ticketed, you’ll be able to click ‘get tickets’ and be transferred to the SU Website to follow the same process as with wristbands: add each ticket to your basket, then enter your details and check out!  

4.    If the event isn’t ticketed, great news! You can just grab the date and time and show up!  


Keep an eye out on https://bristolsuwelcome.org.uk for information on events, the SU and Welcome Week in general!  

Don’t forget to join in with your halls groups and the Official Freshers page on Facebook, and use the hashtag #BristolFreshers on Twitter and Instagram!