If things didn’t go to plan…

18 Aug

If the end of your UCAS journey was not quite what you expected and you’re either joining us through adjustment or clearing then first of all welcome! But, you’ve probably also got lots of questions about your accommodation, how you can get your tickets for Welcome Week or maybe you’re even wondering where on earth Bristol even is and what all the fuss is about over this gem of a city in the South West of England. Don’t panic! You’re not alone and you can read on for answers to all of these questions!


If you’ve secured your place at Bristol after A-Level results day then you will be entered into the second round of accomodation applications, which includes all those made between 17 August and 31 August. You will get to rank all the residencies in order of your preference, however residencies which were oversubscribed in the first round will not be an option. This means you might have a slightly more limited selection of residencies to choose from.


You will still be able to get a wristband to access the top pick of Welcome Week events at a reduced price, giving you the best welcome to Bristol possible. You’ll be able buy a wristband once you’ve had your accommodation offer confirmed and have joined your hall’s Facebook group. Once you get here, you’ll be able to pick up your wristband from a variety of places depending on your hall.


Bristol is a fantastic city with so much to offer no matter whether you’re into spending your weekends at art galleries, massive club nights, hunting for new street art, strolling around Victorian parks and terraces or trawling independent shops. Check out our Bristol Bucket List and Must Visit Areas to get a feel for the city.


Finally, you might feel like you’ve been thrown into Bristol at the deep end having secured your place a little later than others. But have no fear, because we’ve got a huge network of new students building across social media which you can now join. Join the conversation and join the Official Welcome 2018 Group on Facebook and once you’ve got your accommodation offer, connect with your halls group too.

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