How to manage your finances at University

15 Sep

Coming to university is, for most new students, the first time you will have to be financially independent. This can be a daunting task, but knowing how to best manage your money and take advantage of the services available to you means that it shouldn’t be. Read on to find out how you can access support and for tips on how to make your money last longer.


The University of Bristol offers an accomodation bursary of up to £1,040 for undergraduate students who meet a certain criteria, to reduce the cost of first year accommodation. You can see if you meet the criteria and apply here.

You may also be eligible for other funding depending on your course, person circumstances or planned career. You can search for scholarships, awards and bursaries on the student funding office website.

Advice and Support

The student funding team can give you information on bursaries and scholarships and help to solve issues with student loans. Get in touch with the student funding office if you’re worried about money. The Financial Assistance Fund provides emergency funds if you find yourself in financial difficulties and you can apply for an interest-free emergency short-term loan.

Follow @UoBrisFunding on Twitter for more money saving tips.

TOTUM card

The TOTUM Card is one of the easiest ways to save money with over 200 UK student discounts . Whether you want to save money off meals out, travel, fashion, technology or more, the TOTUM card is an essential student investment.


Don’t wait until you run out of money. Draw up a budget before the start of term and plan in rent, insurance, TV licences and flatmate’s birthdays. You might find this guide to living expenses helpful. You can work out whether you’ll need a part-time job which many students choose to give them some extra cash. The University offers advice on where to look for part-time work. There are lots of helpful online banks like Monzo which are super useful for keeping track of your spending. Splitwise is also an easy way to split bills, taxi fares or food shops with your flatmates.

Enjoy Free Things

University life doesn’t have to be expensive and there’s plenty to do which is free. Take part in some of our Give it a Go sessions before paying for a society membership to ‘try before you buy’. If you want to take part in competitive sport but can’t afford club fees, consider trying out Intramural sport instead. Bristol SU and Global Lounge run a number of free events throughout the year so there’s always plenty going on.

More Information:

Access information on accomodation bursaries here