How to get involved with sport at uni

16 Sep

Whether you are an international Basketball player, a county cricketer or never before played team sports, physical activity has a huge role to play in university experience. At Bristol we cater for all!  There is such a wide range of activities, some typical sports that everyone has heard of, some obscure sports I will not do justice to by trying to explain on here and a program of classes as part of our B: Active scheme.

The list of benefits that doing sport and physical activity is constantly growing.  Want to meet more people from your halls or subject? Try our intramural program! Feel like you’re constantly just travelling between your room and lecture theatres? Why not pop along to a B: active korfball session on your way home! Want to feel more part of a community while at university? Join one of our fantastic sports club! Get stuck into training, fell the thrill of winning against another uni, and get together with other teams on a wednesday night.

There is so much on offer aside from club sport, so here is a list of all the different areas you can get involved in:

B:Active Campus

Want something that will fit around your lecture timetable?  These classes are either free of have the small cost of £2 and are held either at the SU, swimming pool (which is also in the SU building) or the Indoor Sports Centre on Tyndall Avenue. Activities include Zumba, yoga, badminton, kickboxing.

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B: Active Residences

Want something on your doorstep? These classes run out of university accommodation so there really is no excuse! Anything from bollywood dance, body combat or pilates is available in your halls, roll out of bed, go in your pyjamas and join in with the other people in your hall. Tennis courts with free equipment hire are also available and open to students from all halls at specific times during the week.

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B: Active Pulse

Love a colour-coded timetable that shows the severity of an exercise class? Who doesn’t!
This program has a variety of classes aimed at different levels of fitness where everyone can find something that pushes them to the limit without breaking them forever.

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Love playing team sports but don’t want to commit to weekly training and matches? Our Intramural program allows you to get involved in Hockey, Netball, Football, Badminton or Basketball without paying the entry fee for a club. Teams are entered from halls, subjects or just a group of friends that fancy a kick about on a Sunday afternoon.

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Sports Clubs

Want to feel part of a team, play weekly competitive sport against other universities? Our student led clubs are a fantastic way to meet like-minded people who are also passionate about sport. They compete in a variety of leagues, from the top university level to complete novice local leagues. If you’ve represented your country or never played before you can join, train and represent our university. Who knows, you might find you have a hidden talent for quidditch.

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So there is it, a snapshot of how you can be a part of our sporting community. There is no end to the opportunities offered by our sports department and SU. It’s easy, cheap and the benefits are huge. There is nothing to lose!

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