Welcome Events for your Wellbeing

07 Sep

Welcome Week can be really overwhelming at times, with so many demands on your time from academic enrolment, headline club nights, and constantly being surrounded by new people. It’s really important to keep checked in with yourself and how you’re feeling to make sure you don’t burn out before term begins. Have a look at these Welcome Week events for your wellbeing.


Plant Potting

Balloon Bar, 26/09, 1pm

Maybe you’re all moved in to your new room but you think something’s missing that will make it feel like home. Or perhaps you’ve barely had a chance to think since arriving and you need something to help you unwind.

Why not come and have a go at potting some plants at the Balloon Bar, it’s a relaxing activity and if you like the end result you can take the plant home as an accessory to your new room.

Plants have also  been attributed to improved mental wellbeing, they can brighten up a dull room and spending time focusing on creating something can be really therapeutic. So let Mother Nature soothe your weary body and mind and give plant potting a try this Welcome Week.


Wellbeing Network Mingle

Balloon Bar, 26/09, 1pm

The Wellbeing Network is a university wide network that any student can join, which focuses on creating a sense of support within the student body.

The Network will be holding a mingle for any students to attend to meet other new and existing students who are a part of the network. This will be the first in event in their calendar, with forums, campaigns and regular social events run throughout the year.

This event is for anyone interested in being part of a supportive network of students and like-minded people whilst at university. Come along to meet new people and find out more about the Wellbeing Network.


Zumba Party

Anson Rooms, 29/09, 12.30pm

Everyone is different, but sometimes the key to a good mood is getting the endorphins in your brain pumping. Endorphins trigger positive feelings in your body and can help to reduce stress, anxiety and depression, and boost self-esteem and improve sleep.

Zumba is a great form of physical exercise that will get your endorphins flowing. It’s a fun mix of aerobic exercise and dancing with easy to follow choreographies and perfectly paired music. Everyone is welcome and no prior experience is necessary.


Proper Jokes Comedy Circuit

Villages, 25-28/09, 7:30pm

It is well recorded now that laughter is really good for you, so make sure you have time for a little comedy this welcome week.

Bristol SU’s monthly comedy showcase kicks off as the Proper Jokes Comedy Circuit comes direct to your village! This is an opportunity to see up and coming acts for a really sweet price with all your new friends from your village.



More Information:

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