Aikido: Give it a go!

The Carpenter Room, 06 Oct 2019, 10:15AM

Run with the Aikido Club: Ever wanted to try a martial art that combines fitness, self-defence and development of spirit and character? Aikido does just that, emphasizing co-operation over competition in a relaxed but traditional training environment. Our Give It A Go session is free and open to all, no matter what your previous martial arts experience is, and the perfect opportunity to find out what Aikido is really about!

The session lasts roughly 2 hours, including a long warm up that prepares your body and allows you to practise basic stances, followed by practice of basic Aikido techniques with self-defence application. Comfy sports gear is a must and a water bottle is also recommended.

Akido Club is running multiple tasters! For more information, get in touch on the SU website!

This event is part of Bristol SU’s Give it a Go programme – for the full line up, check out .