Thinking about Free Speech: A Taster Session

The Pegg Theatre, 01 Oct 2019, 6:30PM

What does free speech mean to you? Why do you think that it is important? Are there some things that should not be said? How do we make sure that our free speech is also constructive speech?

Come and share your views in this free speech taster session. Meet a warm and welcoming community that is at the forefront of the battle of ideas on campus and see how you can contribute! Hot drinks and light snacks will be provided. The event will be followed by a social in the SU’s Ballon Bar.

If it is your first time attending a BFSS event and you’d like for someone to look out for you and welcome you, message us and we’ll pair you up with a veteran member. We are looking forward to meeting and welcoming lots of new, as well as old faces!