What is Accelerating? A Give it a Go Workshop!

The Odlum Room, 25 Sep 2019, 2:00PM

Run by Bristol Acceleration Society: an interactive workshop on the topic of “”What is Accelerating?””, considering our relationship with each other and with technology in the “”accelerating”” modern world: looking at changing notions of the “”human””, gender and identity.

Topics will include:
-Do we feel alienated in our society? Might alienation offer a beginning for resistance against injustices?
-Is our present imagination of the future “”haunted”” by lost utopian alternatives? How might these be recovered?
-Has traditional humanism failed us?
-Will technology save us?
-Are new forms of gender expression able to radically change society?
-What is the relationship between Blackness and capitalism (considering the arguments of Aria Dean).

You don’t need to bring anything, though you may wish to bring something to write on/with, in case you want to look up anything you find interesting again later.


This event is part of Bristol SU’s Give it a Go programme – for the full line up, check out bristolsu.org.uk/giveitago .