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Bristol freshers 2020

Freshers, welcome, arrivals, whatever you want to call it, is our yearly celebration of new and returning students at Bristol. We run weeks of events, activities and mingles to help you get to know your neighbours, coursemates and Bristol itself! 

what's on?

Last year we ran around 150 events as part of Welcome Week and though this year is a little different, you’ll find a great mix of online and offline social events. You might find yourself dancing in your new flat, potting plants, or trying that hobby you always meant to start. 


We’ll be releasing our programme week by week as we lock in more great events! Click below to start planning what you’ll be getting up to for Welcome 2020. 

The virtual freshers fair

The Bristol SU Welcome Fair is our biggest event of the year, with nearly 400 societies ready to meet you and dozens of brands giving away amazing deals for new students. 


This year we’ll be taking the Fair online, so you can sign up for everything you fancy from the comfort of your home. 

meet new friends

Let’s be real – the Covid-19 outbreak means our events line-up is a little different this autumn. But it does mean we can offer much more for free, or low-cost.


Our events are all about getting to know the people around you, and meeting people with the same passions as you. And you can make a start now by joining our Bristol Freshers Official Facebook group. 

What do you need to know before you arrive?

frequently asked questions

How is Bristol uni dealing with Covid-19? Who will I live with? How will I study? What should I pack? Getting ready to come to uni can be a confusing task.


We’ve put together a guide of key information for this autumn, plus questions we get asked every year, as well as some sage advice from students who’ve been where you are now! 

key dates

Making sure you’ve got everything sorted before you move is a good way to make the transition to Bristol as smooth as possible. 


We’ve put together all of the key dates that you’ll want to be aware of, as well as some useful links and contacts to check out if you run into any issues. 

What is a students' union?

When you accept your offer to study at Bristol you automatically become a member of Bristol Students’ Union. “What’s a Students’ Union” you ask? 


We’re a charity led by elected students that represents you while you study at Bristol. We represent your interests on your course, in your accommodation and in your wellbeing locally and at a national level. 


Our mission is to create the best student life, and these are some of the ways that we do it: 

standing up for you

Bristol SU is a union of students, for students.


Twice a year we run elections where you choose the 600 strong team of reps who represent you on issues around your course, your wellbeing and your experience at university.  


Over the years our reps have done incredible things and left a legacy for the students of the future.


If you need support, or there’s something at University you think could be done better, our reps have your back. 


Clubs & societies

Bristol is home to around 400 sports clubs and societies – one of the highest numbers of any SU in the country. This means that no matter where your interests lie we’ve probably got a club for it.


From cheese tasting to skydiving there’s something for everyone – and if you can’t find a group we’ll help you start one. All you need is a great idea and 30 people who share your passion. Build it, and they will come.


In your first month at Bristol don’t miss the Welcome Fair for your chance to meet our societies. 

your social hub

With a gig venue, multiple theatres and bars hosted within the Students’ Union building, and across campus, we’re more than just a representative body! We’ll be reopening spaces, and opening new ones, throughout this year.


The Balloon Bar is your go to source of great value food and drink, as well as evening entertainment.


Our Living Rooms give you a space on campus to beat isolation and feel good. There are student led activities if you fancy trying something new, lots of different games, and spaces to relax, catch up or meet someone new.


Anson Rooms is one of Bristol’s best loved venues and has played host to amazing acts in its 50 year history including David Bowie, Radiohead and Ed Sheeran. 

get in touch

If you’ve got any questions before you arrive then we’ve got the answers. Failing that we’ll know someone else that does. Make sure you join the official University of Bristol Freshers group on Facebook and follow our Instagram to get a preview of what to expect when you arrive as well as access to exclusive competitions! See you soon!